ALERT: Rough road conditions to Opal Creek Click here to learn more.

In one of the last low-elevation old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest,
we are transforming curiosity into knowledge
and outdoor experiences into love.
Promoting conservation through educational experiences in wilderness since 1989.


Springtime in the Ancient Forest!

We have exciting ways you can get more Opal Creek in your life, both in Portland and in the forest! We hope to see  more…

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Mar 31

Wilderness First Responder Recertification – FULL

This three day scenario-based course is designed as review and practice of evacuation and decision making guidelines. It also provides wilderness medicine practitioners with  more…

Apr 5

Pacific Pie Community Support Day

Dine at either Pacific Pie location on Wednesday, April 5th, and they will generously donate a portion of their proceeds to Opal Creek outdoor  more…

Apr 7

Volunteer Stewardship Weekend 1

Join us at Opal Creek for a weekend of clearing trails and working on basic maintenance projects around our Jawbone Flats education center. Volunteer  more…

Apr 7

Three-Day Ancient Forest Yoga

This unplugged three-day off-grid retreat includes a daily Four Directions ceremony, morning and afternoon yoga sessions, and many hours of free time to explore  more…

Apr 15

Mosses, Lichens and Liverworts

Non-vascular plants such as mosses, lichens, and liverworts are drawing increasing attention for their importance as indicators of forest health, air quality and environmental  more…


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