Winter Wonderland

This is a very special time for all of us who live here. The Opal Creek Wilderness is turned into a winter wonderland. The ancient, layered canopy makes for spotty snow on the ground; three feet here none there. Branches heavy with snow look close to breaking, but these trees were made for this environment. It is a silent world.

But it is a busy world. Upgrades and maintenance are happening despite the thick carpet of snow. Our programs are busy being put on paper and printed soon. You can register for our programs on this website even though we haven’t printed our catalog yet. Luckily, we have amazing folks in Portland who will handle that, so don’t worry about trying to reach us here.

We are very excited about our new programs this year. Opal Creek Expeditions is venturing into some exciting new territory. In 2012 we’ll be offering several new workshops, including Creative Writing and Canopy Exploration. Our New Year’s pledge is to provide enough awesome programming to keep your mind off the presidential campaign.

Visit our webcam to see what Jawbone looks like now. Let your mind wander through our ancient forest wonderland. Imagine the amazing things waiting for you down that road…

We’ll see ya in April.