Opal Creek 2015

Here are some reasons why we support environmental education at Opal Creek…

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Thank you for having us in your community for the three days we stayed with you. I learned about rivers and impressed my parents by knowing about fluvial geomorphology. I now can identify all four types of trees and tell if a river is healthy.

-Piper, 5th grade, Emerson School


This year your support helped 1,756 participants have transformative experiences at Opal Creek including:

  • 771 students from schools in lower-income neighborhoods
  • 67 Opal Creek Expeditions backpackers, ages 10-18
  • 7 backpackers receiving scholarships through our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters


I enjoyed my time at Opal Creek very much and my trip helped me see that I could make a difference. It unlocked a hidden passion that I have for learning about nature and how it works.

-Liam, 5th grade, Buckman Elementary

acres of ancient forest 2You make this all possible. Thank you for investing in the future of our children. By supporting hands-on education at Opal Creek you support the future of wilderness everywhere.






Read about the member benefits of supporting Opal Creek, and easy ways to support outdoor education through your workplace.

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