The Jawbone Flats kitchen prepares and serves the most delicious food we think you’ll ever find in a camp facility. All food served is vegetarian and much of it is homemade, from the breads and cereals to the sauces and dressings. We strive to purchase organic, non-GMO food from local farmers, producers, and independent retailers.

“I was so impressed by your kitchen staff. As a vegan, I had packed a lot of food that I didn’t end up needing. Thank you!” – Katie, education participant

Workshops & WMI programs: The cost of meals is covered for program participants and typically includes dinner on the day of arrival through lunch on the day of departure.

Cabin renters: We heartily invite you to take a load off and let us do the cooking for you! You may reserve any number of meals during your stay for any number of guests. Meal reservations must be made and paid for at least two weeks before your visit.

Food allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice. However, we are unable to cater to food preferences. Cooking for large groups is a big job – please do not make unnecessary requests of our hard-working kitchen staff.

Meals are served family-style. We do not publish a menu but are confident you’ll love what we serve! Costs and meal times are as follows:


*8 o’clock a.m., **$12

Breakfast typically includes hot or cold cereal, juice, coffee, tea, fresh fruit and another main dish (a scramble, pancakes, French toast, etc.)


***you-pack-it at the close of breakfast (typically 9:30 a.m.), $10

Lunch typically includes fruit and vegetables, snack (trail mix, popcorn, pretzels), and sandwich fixings (peanut butter and jelly, cheeses, spreads, cold salads, vegetables)


6:30 p.m., $18

Dinners vary greatly from pizza to Pad Thai, hearty stews and roasted vegetables in the colder months to bountiful, colorful salads in the summer months. Dessert is always served!

*Meal times may vary to accommodate certain programs such as the WMI courses. Should there be a variance to these published meal times, your camp host will notify you.

**Costs for children 4-13 are half the published meal costs. Children 3 and under eat free.

***Sit-down lunch is available upon request and served during certain programs. Cost for a sit-down lunch is $15/adult. Program lunches are pack-your-own unless otherwise specified.

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