When Life Gives You Rain…

Not many people appreciate that Opal Creek Wilderness is a rainforest–not a tropical one like you see in Central America or Southeast Asia but a temperate one.

A Sunrise Place

I’ve been out here for four days, twenty miles, eleven teammates, and a menagerie of surprises.

Another Way to Be

We all deal with the wilderness differently. For some, it’s a frightening thing, to be so far from streets and buildings and cell service, to look out to the horizon and see only trees.

A Safe Place for All to Visit

Two weeks ago the staff of Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center gathered in Jawbone Flats to celebrate the end of another successful program season.  Seasonal staff were getting ready to depart their tiny cabins and Jawbone Flats, a place they have called home for the past 7 months.

The Hook Brings You Back

In my short time living in Jawbone Flats, I have paid attention to what brings people here, what keeps people coming back, and what makes some people stick around.

Space Prom in Jawbone Flats

The sound of the tractor rumbles up the hill as I stroll down from my cabin. James has decided that instead of the white van, our limo for space prom will be a trailer attached to a tractor.

A New Life in a Different World

It’s hard to describe exactly what Opal Creek is without experiencing it for yourself. For me it has been eye opening in beauty and character, and has become like a second home in the short amount of time that I have been here.

Detective Work in the Ancient Forest

I moved to Jawbone Flats in March with the understanding that I would spend the spring season developing skills as an environmental educator. What I did not realize at the time was how many mysteries the forest held, and that I would quickly come to consider my role in the forest to be that of a detective.

Upholding the Legacy

I grew up in New England with a forest outside my back door, but my grandparents grew up in the high desert above San Bernardino, Calif. An old family photo shows my grandmother at 9 years old, surrounded by her siblings and friends, perched atop a cluster of rocks with the scrub and sand of Cajon Pass behind them, grinning in the sun.