Smoke conditions in Jawbone Flats

How smoky is it in Jawbone Flats right now?

We don’t know. Unfortunately, we don’t have any air quality equipment on site, and the air quality in Detroit (our local ranger station) is going to be quite different due to terrain and proximity. Cooler temperatures, increased humidity, and rain in the forecast will generally equal better air quality. The last day our staff reported haze in Jawbone Flats was September 6.

We are still in fire season, and smoke conditions will change from day to day, and even from hour to hour, depending on fire growth and prevailing winds. The closest fires to Opal Creek are the Little Devil fire (about 15 miles southeast of Jawbone Flats) and the Whitewater Fire (about 20 miles southeast of Jawbone Flats), both in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area.

The Detroit Ranger District will likely not have information specific to Opal Creek but they can tell you current conditions in Detroit: 503-854-3366.

View current fire perimeters on this interactive map:

Northwest Large Fire Map

These websites can provide some more technical details and short-term forecasts for statewide fire activity:

Oregon Smoke Information

Oregon DEQ Air Quality Index

NOAA Pacific Northwest Air Quality Forecast