Members’ cabin reservations open Nov. 20!

Members-only cabin reservations for the 2018 season will open on Monday, November 20, at 9 AM. This is a special perk we offer to our Cedar and Pacific Yew members, and to anyone wishing to join at those levels this month! Your membership not only gives you access to this early reservation period, but also gets you discounts on our workshops and expeditions, and a special invitation to our 3rd annual Member Day in Jawbone Flats next June!

Become a member today to access these benefits and become a part of this special community!

How to snag your 2018 trip dates

  • All reservations must be madeĀ over the phone!
  • Our office is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. We share office space with several other organizations, so please limit your calls to these hours if possible.
  • Voicemail reservations are not guaranteed. The phones will be very busy on November 20 and we will not be able to check the voicemail until later in the day.
  • Email reservations are not guaranteed. We’re pretty good at multitasking but we can’t check email and talk on the phone at the same time!
  • Please refer to the cabin availability calendar when selecting your dates, but be aware that it may not reflect the most recent reservations.

Why are my dates already taken???

Because Jawbone Flats is so small, all of our buildings are truly multi-use! We use the rental cabins for outdoor school participants, workshops, and other programs and events that we host. These events will all be finalized and reflected on the availability calendar no later than November 17.


Contact our Development and Communications Manager to check on your membership status.

General cabin reservations will open on Tuesday, January 2, at 9 AM.