Eclipse 2017 at Opal Creek

You probably know by now that Opal Creek lies in the path of totality for the August 21 eclipse. If you’re planning travel to the Opal Creek area, here’s everything you need to know:

Eclipse timing

Partial phase begins: 9:05 AM (do not view directly without eye protection!)

Totality begins: 10:17 AM

Duration of totality: 2 minutes

Overnight lodging

Our rental cabins are fully booked for eclipse weekend. There is no camping allowed on Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center property at any time, including for this event. Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center property includes the meadow and Sacred Rock (Forest Service land begins at the tree line on Sacred Rock).

The closest official campgrounds are Shady Cove and Elkhorn Valley, both of which are first-come, first-serve.

Dispersed camping is allowed in the Opal Creek Wilderness Area. Please note that campfires are not allowed within 200 feet of the road from the Three Pools junction to the Opal Creek trailhead, or within 200 feet of the Opal Creek and Kopetski trails as far as Cedar Flats (see the full special use regulations for the Opal Creek area here).

With 1 million people traveling in Oregon at the hottest time of year, remember these 7 steps to avoid starting a wildfire during the eclipse.


New parking restrictions took effect this year at the Opal Creek trailhead, Shady Cove campground, and Three Pools day use area. Parking is only allowed within 1/4 mile of the Opal Creek trailhead. Reserved parking spaces for Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center registered guests will be indicated with signage. Non-registered guests parking in Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center spaces will be ticketed by the Forest Service.

Marion County has implemented a $5 day-use parking fee along the North Fork Road. Public river access and public parking areas are designated with signage.

Gas and Auto Emergencies

Be prepared for long hours in traffic, wherever you are headed! Gas and service stations nearest to Opal Creek are:

To the west:

  • Santiam Quick Mart/Mobil, Mill City
  • Stayton (multiple gas stations)
  • Les Schwab, Sublimity

To the east:

  • Rivers Run, Detroit
  • Pacific Pride, Idanha
  • Santiam Towing & Recovery, Detroit

Agency Alerts

Oregon Department of Transportation update

Willamette National Forest bulletin

Other Local Eclipse Events

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