ALERT: Rough road conditions to Opal Creek

In a winter storm on March 5-7, Jawbone Flats received over a foot of new snow, on top of the snow that had already accumulated from this unusually heavy winter. Please be aware that despite warming conditions in the valley, there is still snow in the foothills. Our winter staff have not made it out past the gate so do not have a detailed report on road conditions since the recent snowstorm. However, they have been receiving heavy rain so it is possible that the road is mostly melted.

High clearance is necessary to access Forest Service Road 2209. There are a number of trees and boulders down on the road, and deep potholes, in addition to possible snow. For more detailed conditions please call the Detroit Ranger Station at 503-854-3366.


Jawbone Flats on March 6, 2017