Never before has our children’s relationship with nature been so at risk, and so important for the future of our region. Thanks to you, over 1,400 students this year will have educational experiences in wilderness that will lead to a lifetime of conservation and a love of wild places.

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You make a difference.

$25 provides supplies for students to use in field studies like tree plotting and water monitoring.

$50 subsidizes a 2-night outdoor school program for a student from a low-income school.

$100 provides regular service on 2 microscopes for students to use in lichen, mushroom, botany, and geology studies.

$250 provides a year’s worth of owl pellets for students to dissect.

$500 provides a weeklong backpacking trip to a child who can’t afford one.

$1000 provides field journals for an entire year of outdoor school and Opal Creek Expeditions.


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